Economic Development Strategic Plan
Elbert County, Colorado

Due to the rapid growth along the Front Range, Elbert County finds itself at a crucial juncture, where it must carefully navigate the delicate balance between residential and commercial development. The burgeoning population has put immense pressure on the county to expand its residential infrastructure, but it also recognizes the importance of fostering commercial growth to ensure a stable tax base. This challenge is further complicated by the strong sentiment among residents who cherish the rural lifestyle and high quality of life that Elbert County offers.

In response to these complexities, Elbert County hired Better City to craft Elbert County’s inaugural, independent economic development strategy. This comprehensive strategy aims to harmonize the county’s economic development initiatives, providing vital guidance to the newly established economic development department.

The residents of Elbert County share a profound love for their community. They celebrate its uniqueness and breathtaking beauty and are unified in their desire to preserve and enhance the exceptional quality of life it offers. The strategic plan is firmly rooted in this vision, ensuring it serves as the guiding light for the formulation of policies and initiatives that will shape the future development of Elbert County. By striking a harmonious balance between residential and commercial growth while preserving its cherished rural character, Elbert County strives to create a sustainable and prosperous future for its residents.

Project Highlights

  • Strengthening rural identity through development of community assets and events
  • Securing funding for implementation projects
  • Recommended projects within community included: strengthening local farmer’s markets, and establishing a facade program
  • Private interviews and focus groups with over 70 participants
“The Better City team was professional and innovative. With Better City's expert guidance, we led the process for a true collaborative experience. They helped us produce a product that we can implement with clear targets for success!”
Marc Dettenrieder
Economic Development Manager - Elbert County, Colorado