Economic Development Strategic Plan
Mills, Wyoming

Mills, Wyoming is a small town west of Casper, Wyoming with a population a little over 4,000. Better City created this strategic plan for Mills with findings from interviews with community stakeholders, review of prior plans, economic assessment, land use analysis, comparative analysis, and industry cluster analysis. 

The plan also includes a method to promote mixed-used development, outlines a model for a Business Retention and Expansion program, and lists incentives to attract businesses that are available through the Wyoming Business Council, Advanced Casper, and tax increment financing. The Better City team conducted over 20 one-on-one interviews with local residents, and gathered opinions about current town projects, opinions about infrastructure and local education opportunities. Residents noted the lack of family infrastructure like grocery stores and elementary schools. 

This project also included Implementation plans with specific recommendations in Workforce Development, Entrepreneurship, Specific area Development, and Business Retention & Expansion.