Economic Development Strategic Plan
Syracuse, Utah

In early 2020, the City of Syracuse enlisted the services of Better City to conduct an economic study and retail analysis. The primary objective of this study was to identify strategies and recommendations that would foster the growth and development of the local economy. To achieve this goal, the Better City team collaborated closely with community leaders in Syracuse to capitalize on the area’s natural beauty, including the famous Antelope Island.

The overarching mission of Syracuse is to create a vibrant, thriving city with top-notch parks and trails – a place where people desire to live and raise their families in tranquil, safe, and clean neighborhoods. To that end, the strategic plan developed by Better City and community leaders in Syracuse centered on three main objectives:

Firstly, increasing the number of houses in the community. Interviews with Syracuse residents revealed that they preferred the idea of house neighborhoods to apartments, multi-unit dwellings, or high-density housing. As a result, the strategic plan focused on the development of house neighborhoods in Syracuse.

Secondly, the plan recommended the development of office space for aerospace companies on a parcel of open land in the community. This initiative would help to attract new businesses and stimulate economic growth in the area.

Finally, the strategic plan called for the construction of a large regional sports complex to cater to the recreational and family-oriented community of Syracuse. This recommendation presented a unique opportunity for Syracuse to establish itself as a hub for outdoor recreation, which, in turn, could help to attract new employers, restaurants, and shops to the area.