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Improvements inspired by the locals.

Our speciality is you. We pride ourselves in the economic development of towns, cities, municipalities and communities. 

We help you create a strong and resilient community.

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Strategic Plans

Specific, action-oriented economic plans that focus on improving communities to become sustainable, profitable economies.

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Economic Development Advisors

This is who we are. Advisors that give honest, meaningful, smart, attainable advice. From the brainstorming & visioning, to the planning and then execution; we’ll be there.

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Implementation & follow through

Hire us to implement with you the plans we make together. Collaboration through every step from start to finish. 

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Better City is proud to be honored as one of Utah's 100 Companies Championing Women.

Presented by the Utah Women & Leadership Project at Utah State University and Utah Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity.

We provide a full suite of economic development services.

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Grant Writing & Research that powers the vision of a community.

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Maximizing property opportunities through Real Estate Development

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Recruiting Businesses and Workforce to communities. ​

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Research backed, action oriented, community prioritized Action Plans.

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Developing the local economy through Strategic Plans.

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Feasibility Studies that analyze the economical, industrial and profitable "health" of a community.​

Strategic Plans
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States We've Worked In
"Better City helped Snohomish County, WA take a major step forward to understanding its industries of arts and culture. In 2022, during recovery, the county arts office and commission retained Better City to frame up support for disproportionately impacted cultural non-profits and businesses. We went to Better City asking for help to quantify an industry that is wonderfully irregular, organic and ever changing. ... Jason, Eric and Mone't committed to our cause as if it was their own. They waded full force into the muddy weeds to help us winnow down and prioritize what information would benefit arts and culture over the long-term. I am so proud of the Future of Arts and Culture Industry Segment Assessment the team created. I hope other counties, cities and towns who are confused about what, where and how to invest, or what "arts and culture" means will use the framework Better City created first for our county. ..."
Annique Bennett, Communications Specialist, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Snohomish County, WA
“The Better City team was professional and innovative. With Better City's expert guidance, we led the process for a true collaborative experience. They helped us produce a product that we can implement with clear targets for success!”
Marc Dettenrieder, Economic Development Manager - Elbert County, CO
"I really appreciate Better City and all of the work that is done on behalf of our community."
Conae Black, Former City Manager - Green River, UT
"Completing strategic plans for any locality can be very difficult. Working with numerous groups and organizations often provides a wide range of comments and ideas. Throughout the process, I found the Better City Team to be very thorough in their work, able to listen and then develop concepts that were clearly explained and justified. Jason and his team always conducted themselves in a professional manner and were a pleasure to work with."
Russell Seymour, Economic Development Director - Town of Leesburg, VA
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Better City is proud to support verified carbon offset projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate climate change impacts, and lead to healthier environments and communities around the globe.

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