Fractional Economic Development
Advisory Services

Implementation Projects

Implementation is a partnership, between your community and our team. We provide part or all of your community’s economic development functions and you can leverage a whole team with varied expertise and years of experience. We take on the role of implementing your plans and catalyzing your visions. See how implementation projects benefitted communities like yours below.

Tooele, Utah

Wells, Nevada

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Mount Holly, North Carolina 

East Liverpool, Ohio

Business Recruitment Projects

Business Recruitment projects do just that: recruiting market-based, profitable, relevant businesses to call your community home. We collaborate together as to what industries would benefit the community, bring jobs to resident and attract commerce. Research and analysis assist us in making strategic decisions regarding the economical future of your community. Read about how we’ve partnered with communities to bring business to their communities below.

Brigham City, Utah

Eagle Mountain, Utah

Development Projects

Development means growth. Whatever this looks like for your community – educational facilities that will elevate skills and expertise of your community’s workforce, or retail centers that enable residents to buy close to home, is what we want to do. Read below about some development projects we’ve done and contact us to chat about development opportunities in your community.

Clearfield, Utah

Grant Projects

Projects that change communities require funding. We discuss together the funding needed for your vision, then we go to work writing grants, researching available funding, and finding opportunities to make our plans become realities. Read about the communities we’ve helped receive grants below.

Green River, UT

Silver City, NM

Contact us to learn more about how a Fractional Economic Development Project can better your community.

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