Grants in Green River, UT

The Better City team is actively working closely with the community leaders in Green River to acquire funds to support the economic development endeavors and plans in this Utah community.

Recently, Green River has received a SS4A (Safe Streets for All) grant from the US Department of Transportation. Revitalization of a street and the creation of an industrial park will bring well-paying jobs and robust economic growth. The City needs safe streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and crosswalks that do not currently exist in the blighted downtown. Over 1,800 trucks rumble through Main Street from the I-70 highway daily. Each year, at least three trucks collide with the railroad underpass.

The industrial park will concentrate trucking outside of town, creating a safer community for residents, visitors and those who pass by.

"I really appreciate Better City and all of the work that is done on behalf of our community."
Conae Black
Former City Manager - Green River, Utah
[headshot of economic development advisor, Ryan]

Contact the project lead

Ryan currently works as the project lead in our engagement with Green River. If you'd like to learn more about what Better City is doing in Green River, send Ryan an email.

[email protected]