What We Do

Introducing Action Roadmaps

Strategic plans made simple.

Efficient, more budget-friendly, completely customizable alternatives to comprehensive and strategic plans.

Actions roadmaps are innovative solutions to the dilemma of city managers, economic development directors, mayors and others tasked with creating strategic direction.

Strategic Plans

Your community assets + our expertise and experience = Vision Accomplished!

Specific, action-oriented plans to help your community succeed.

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Economic Development Strategic Plans

Your team and ours creates a strategic plan to capitalize on and optimize the local development your community. 

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Feasibility Studies​

Our team conducts studies, interviews and research to back the plan we make together.  

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Community Vision Plans​

Our plan consists of feedback and responses from residents, youth, business owners and leaders of your community. 

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Action Plans

We work together to craft a unique plan for each community and municipality. 

Equipping your city, county or state with the tools to become a sustainable, profitable, and great place to live, work and play. 

Improve your community with your people.

Our process is your process. We believe in not only involving, but closely working with and consulting with the local government, stakeholders, business owners and residents of the community to customize a solution and boost local development.


Fractional Economic Development = We help carry the load

Projects and plans that jump-start your aspirations and ambitions. 

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Grant writing

We will help you write and find grants that will finance the vision you have. 

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Business Recruitment

Together we enlist companies and businesses to call your community home.

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Local business retention & expansion

We help provide the businesses in your community with resources, training and services. 

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Real Estate Development

Our partners and advisors in real estate assist in maximizing potential and profits. 

Some problems we solve for you.

Vision on the Shelf

The plans we provide and help you find the resources and tools to achieve the goals you and your community set. They won’t be plans that sit on a shelf but that are alive within a community. 

Resource Constraints

Our team, our partners and our resources become your team, partners and resources. 

Expertise Gaps

Our highly-experienced, flexible and innovative team will give you support system necessary to execute your plans. 

Have any questions about
strategic plans or implementation?

Curated database of grants for communities

We’ve created a database for your community to find grants that will help propel your projects forward. 

Explore the database below.

The database contains grants from the community, state and federal levels for your community to benefit from funding at all possible degrees.

Our team finds and filters through hundreds of grants, and adds to the database regularly to ensure your community is up to date on the best grants available.

We have experience writing over 60 grants for communities across the country, securing over $113M for our clients.

Contact us to see how our team can assist yours. 

Who We've Worked With

Here are some of the communities, organizations and cities we’ve worked with. 

The Team

Meet the Economic Development Advisors at Better City

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[headshot of economic development advisor, Ryan]
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