The Steps

community data

Community data

Proven process.

Working with communities across the country, we have developed a process that is robust enough to produce meaningful results while also sufficiently flexible to ensure that the methodology and outcomes are tailored to each community’s unique needs and circumstances.

The core principles are: Discern the insights the data provides, listen intently during community interview and surveys, synthesize the findings into actionable recommendations, and prioritize to create a plan that can be executed and will be catalytic for the community.

Delve into data

We believe in the data. The numbers, charts, graphs and tables give us insight into the bones of a community. Once we understand the data, we can begin to understand the community. That's why we created our own tool to analyze data - to understand your community. 

Community engagement

Surveys: Online and in person surveys to help you gauge the opinions of your community as well as the resources available to them

Focus groups: Groups of business owners, community leaders, workforce employees, students and more

Interviews: Direct feedback and discussion through curated questions, with a focus towards the underrepresented in the community including minorities & youth

Create the plan together and synthesize

An actionable plan. Concrete & well-defined steps with a few prioritized recommendations.

We don't hand you 'our' plan. Your community data with engagement from the people living there are the driving force behind the plan we design together. 

community data 2

Community engagement across the country

Town meetings, surveys, interviews and community forums are essential to hear the people in communities. Their perspectives, opinions, visions and dreams for the community are essential to planning and creating projects for the future.

What you can expect

Frequent coordination meetings with our team.

Deliverables outlining projects, research, and plans along the way. 

On-site visits for interviews and participation in community events. 

100% collaboration feel. This is your community, and we work with you. 

What our plans include

Honest, achievable recommendations with funding research to achieve them. 

Feedback and engagement from your community, gathered through interviews, on their vision.

Research of previous patterns, current state and future potential of a community is conducted.

What we offer

Exceptional team that has high-level experience working together for you.

Fractional Economic Development Advisory Services. A partnership between your community and our team. 

Expertise that ranges from real estate development to public administration to international economics. 


What would a project look like in your community?
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