Implementation in Tooele, Utah

Since 2021, collaborative efforts have been undertaken by city officials in Tooele, Utah, and members of the Better City team to optimize and enhance the city’s economy. Well-paying job opportunities within water-efficient industries have been sought after by the city.

Through this partnership, multiple grants have been secured, enabling the creation of a tourism website and the allocation of funds to prepare industrial parks for immediate development, notably the Community Assessment Grant.

Currently functioning as the County’s Economic Development Department, Better City takes an active role in facilitating the County’s Community Economic Opportunity Board and Tourism Tax Advisory Board. Progress and development in the city have been achieved through the sustained partnership between Tooele’s city officials and the Better City team.

Contact the project lead

Ryan currently works as the project lead in our engagement with Tooele. If you'd like to learn more about what Better City is doing in Tooele, send Ryan an email.

[email protected]