Outdoor Complex Feasibility Study
Underwood, North Dakota

Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation of Underwood, North Dakota asked Better City to conduct a highest and best use analysis of a city-owned parcel. The city’s three priorities for the property were to generate additional property tax revenues, create public benefit and grow the local economy. 

In order to complete the study, the Better City team embarked on a six-step process. First, the site was inspected. Ensuing interviews with local residents and leaders were conducted. The local real estate market of Underwood and of the specific land parcels were reviewed with an analysis of potential uses. The team reviews recommendations with EDC and lastly published the Feasibility Study with a specific outline of the next steps. 

The feasibility study resulted in a visionary area plan for an outdoor complex that would include a hunting lodge, outfitter, RV park and senior living facility as well as an exciting new public space. 

A few of the key developments of the outdoor complex are:

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